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GW1104 Wi-Fi Weather Station Gateway with 1 WN31(WH31) Multi-Channel Sensor

GW1104 Wi-Fi Weather Station Gateway with 1 WN31(WH31) Multi-Channel Sensor

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WiFi Gateway
1.Built-in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors (cabled probe attached).
2.Collects sensor data from various supported wireless sensors (optional).
One WH32 outdoor temperature and humidity sensor
One WH40 self-emptying rain gauge sensor
One WS68 wireless anemometer
Max 8 WH31 multi-channel temperature and humidity sensors(one is included)
Max 8 WH51 soil moisture sensors
Max 4 WH41 PM2.5 air quality sensors
3.Pushes sensor data to cloud weather services: Ecowitt Weather/Custom sites using either Wunderground or Ecowitt protocol.
Weather Underground/ Weathercloud/WOW(for outdoor sensors only)
4.Email alerts functions on Ecowitt Weather server
5.Mobile application (WS View)
View collected live data.
Manage sensor calibration setup.
Manage sensor selection.


1.The gateway requires 2.4GHz band Wi-Fi network to work. Please turn off your 5G Wi-Fi network before the configuration.
2.Please enable the location access function for the WS View application on your mobile device settings page.


Power: DC 5V 1A(USB connection) for the gateway;2 AA batteries(not included) for the WH31 sensor
Cable Length: 1M/3FT
Wireless Range to external sensors: 300FT/100M(in open areas)
Frequency: 915MHz; WH31 sensor reporting interval: 61 seconds
Note:The gateway can work with WH5360B Rain Gauge/WH0290 Air
Quality Monitor/WH0291 Soil Moisture Monitor(should be at the same frequency)
Temperature range: -10°C – 60°C (14°F - 140°F); resolution: 0.1°C, or 0.1°F; accuracy: ± 1°C
Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%; resolution: 1%; accuracy: ± 5%
Barometric pressure range: 300 – 1,100 hPa (8.85 – 32.5 inHg);
accuracy: ± 5 hPa ; 0.1 hPa (0.01 inHg)

Package List:

1x Wi-Fi Gateway (GW1100) + 1X Multi-channel Temp & Humidity sensor (WH31)


Additional or optional or extra or compatible with sensors (sold separately):

One GW1100 supports one WS90 sensor; 

One GW1100 supports one WS80 sensor;

One GW1100 supports one WS69 sensor;

One GW1100 supports one WS68 sensor;

One GW1100 supports one WH40 sensor;

One GW1100 supports one WN32 sensor;

One GW1100 supports one WH45 sensor or WH46 sensor;

One GW1100 supports one WH57 sensor;

One GW1100 supports up to four WH41 sensors or WH43 sensors;

One GW1100 supports up to four WH55 sensors;

One GW1100 supports up to eight WN30 sensors or WN31 sensors or WN36 sensors;

One GW1100 supports up to eight WN34 sensors or WN34S sensors or WN34L sensors or WN34D sensors;

One GW1100 supports up to eight WH51 sensors or WH51L sensors;

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Customer Reviews

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Priit N.

I got over my doubts when I got to try out my GW1104 and I am very satisfied. Will definitely buy additional accessories. I highly recommend it to all weather enthusiasts!