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  • Digital Colour Weather Station: allows you to monitor the weather conditions of your home and backyard on brilliant, easy-to-read LCD colour screen
  • Measures Indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, moon phase display; Ice alert and alarm clock snooze function
  • Max/min record daily for indoor outdoor temperature and humidity; Weather forecast icon, temperature and humidity tendency indicator
  • Wireless Remote Sensor: Maximum transmission range can reach 100M in open area. You can put it on the veranda, entrance, window lower frame, or hang on the wall
  • DCF Radio controlled time, time zone setting and automatically adjusts for daylight savings time(DST)

ECOWITT digital wireless colour weather station with remote sensor provides accurate and instant weather information. Perfect for your home/garden/greenhouse/yard/office.


1.Indoor/outdoor temperature(°F or °C) and humidity (%RH)

2.Max/Min records for temperature and humidity(24hr or history record since last reset)

3.Barometric pressure (inHg, mmHg or hPa) , 12/24/48/72hr history data display

4.Weather forecast and temperature humidity tendency indicator

5.Time and date by manual setting; 12 or 24-hour time display

6.Time alarm with snooze function(every 5 minutes)

7.Moon phase, dew point, Ice Alert

8.LED backlight, backlight adjustable when connected a power adapter

9.Wall hanging or free standing


Line of sight wireless transmission (in open air): 100meter

Wireless remote sensor frequency: 433MHz

Update rate: 64 seconds

Indoor Temperature Range: 9.9-60C ; Outdoor Temperature Range: -40 to 60C

Accuracy: ± 1 °C; Resolution: 0.1 °C

Indoor/ Outdoor Humidity Range: 1 0 to 99 %

Accuracy: ± 5% (only guaranteed between 20 to 90%); Resolution: 1 %

Barometric Pressure Range: 300hpa to 1100hpa

Accuracy: ±3 hpa(only guaranteed between 700 to 1100hpa); Resolution: 0.1hpa


1.Power up display console first, remote transmitter second to avoid the console synchronization time out

2.The forecast icon is based on the rate of change of barometric pressure. Please allow 30 days for barometric calibration. Forecast accuracy: about 70%.

3.The backlight requires AC power to operate. The batteries are intended for back-up power only. The backlight will remain on for 5 seconds when on back up battery power only. The backlight will stay on if you use the AC adapter.

Package List:

1* Display Console

1* Remote Sensor

1* AU Power Adapt

1* Manual

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    *One sensor only*

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