WH0290 Air Quality Monitor, WH41 PM2.5 Sensor and Digital LCD Display

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Packaged version & Sensor or gateway link frquency: United Kingdom MHz 868
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❥ Know Your Air: this air quality monitor provids accurate PM2.5 information(with high quality Honeywell HPM Series Particle Sensor) in your home/office and allows you to take timely measures to keep the air quality within safe levels

❥ 3-in-1 Multifunctional Tester: displays PM2.5/AQI current and max value for 1h/24h/since last reset; also measuring the indoor temperature(°C/°F switchable) and relative humidity; Note: No outdoor temperature and humidity; will not detect mold

❥ 6 Grades Air Quality Levels Indicator: Good, Moderate, Poor, Unhealthy, Severe and Hazardous, showing you instantly what your air quality is like

❥ Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Detector: suitable to use at home, office, car and other environmental testing; monitor the air quality anytime anywhere to be away from harmful of PM2.5

❥ Rechargeable & Wireless: the PM2.5 sensor is powered by 2 rechargeable batteries and with built in solar panel as backup power(all included); also with battery power condition indicator. Note: Please full recharge the PM2.5 sensor before use.


PM2.5 fine particulate matters( 2.5 micrometers in diameter or smaller) which come from power plants/ industrial processes/ vehicle tailpipes/ wood stoves and even wildfires,

it impacts your health and can cause respiratory issues such as allergies/asthma/ COPD/ lung cancer etc.

ECOWITT PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor helps you monitor the concentration of PM2.5 fine particulate matter, it also has 6 grades air quality levels indicator(based on current AQI):

Good, Moderate, Poor, Unhealthy, Severe and Hazardous, to help you know the air quality and take corresponding measures to reduce the loss.


1)Indoor temperature and humidity

2)PM 2.5/AQI current and max value for 1h/24h/since last reset.

3)6 Grades Air Quality Levels

4)Temperature units °C/°F selectable

5)Battery power condition indicator

6)Rechargeable batteries and solar panel as backup power included


Line of sight wireless transmission (in open air): 300feet(100meters)

Update Rate: 10 minutess

Measure rang

1) Indoor temperature measure range: 14 to 140 °F(-9.9 to 60°C).

Accuracy ± 1°F/±1°C, Resolution: 0.1 °F/ °C

2) Indoor humidity measure range: 1% to 99%.

Accuracy +/- 3% RH (@25°C. , 30%RH to 80%RH).

3) PM 2.5 measure range: 0~999ug/m3

Accuracy:>100ug/m3,±15%;<100ug/m3, ±15ug/m3 Resolution: 1ug/m3


1.1.The sensor is sensitive to liquid droplets - rain/fog/sprinkling. When the Dew Point is close to the outdoor temperature(T - D < = 2C), the PM2.5 reading will be very high(which is not the real condition). If mind, please don't purchase.

2.The PM2.5 sensor needs to be recharged every two week(with solar power as back up) or five days(withought solar power as back up).


Package List:

1x Air Quality Monitor (Receiver WH0290_C)

1x Air Quality Sensor(Wireless PM 2.5 Sensor WH41)

2x Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries

Compatibility Instructions

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