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Fine Offset Electronics Co., Ltd. 

was established in 2008. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and data integration of weather and environmental monitoring products. The company is headquartered in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Products include automatic weather stations, climate monitoring instruments, smart micro-climate monitoring, and weather data SAAS platforms, which are widely used in home environment monitoring, smart homes, smart schools, Internet of Things, smart cities, smart agriculture and animal husbandry, smart water and soil environmental protection, etc.

ECOWITT 's meteorological equipment product line has built an integrated monitoring and processing capability that includes comprehensive monitoring and processing of wind speed, rainfall, light, temperature and humidity, soil, CO2, PM2.5, air quality, etc. comprehensive meteorological data collection, perception, and wireless network transmission system, which obtained 32 invention patents, utility model and software copyright patents. The background of R&D personnel covers physics, materials science, electronic engineering, industrial automation, mechanical design, software engineering and other majors, forming a team with strong theoretical foundation and rich development experience in meteorological data research and development.

Our OEM/ODM business for overseas well-known brands continues to grow steadily, and its products have covered hundreds of countries. At the same time, the brand ECOWITT climate monitoring instrument has been sold in stable batches on global e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

ECOWITT personal weather station products can meet the needs of individual users for DIY home small-scale weather monitoring and forecasting systems. On one hand, the company can provide customized online climate monitoring and forecasting products with the detection functions of air pressure, temperature and humidity, rainfall, CO2, formaldehyde, etc. according to customer needs; at the same time, the company can integrate intelligent microclimate in the field of microclimate management and control according to customer needs a variety of software and hardware technologies such as automated control and special condition warnings form an integrated meteorological Internet of Things comprehensive solutions.

Educare School

Cloud data platform integration service provider

Brand manufacturer of meteorological environmental equipments


ECOWITT attaches great importance to the R&D and innovation of core technologies. With its advantages in the R&D and accumulation of underlying technologies including wireless radio frequency, high-precision temperature and humidity sensing and the manufacturing capabilities of key components, the company has deeply explored the needs of the industry, adhering to the core needs of customers, and will research and develop integrate development of products, markets and services to meet market demand in depth. With product strength and reputation, sales have increased significantly year by year. At the same time, it strictly follows the quality and environmental protection requirements, has passed the CE, FCC European and North American product certifications, and complies with the RoHS standard. In the overseas household market and the domestic professional climate equipment market, it has accumulated a good reputation.

Technical Storage & layout


Integrated Weather Sensor design & application;Special environment packaging;Supply Reliability & Stability

Radio frequency

Efficient high performance Independent chip development, stable and reliable original supply chain, domestic controllable core component resources.


SAAS Data Platform
Custom APP Platform
WEBpage platform
Advanced data support for deep machine learning


Development ability of deep interaction with application scenarios; Ability of continuous innovation and iterative improvement