WN1821_C Console with 4.9" LCD Display and Built-in CO₂ Detector

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Packaged version & Sensor or gateway link frquency: North America MHz 915
WN1821_C - Ecowitt
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Indoor weather monitoring including carbon dioxide detection

4.9" LCD display & built-in Wi-Fi gateway

A dedicated display center for Ecowitt ecosystem sensors (more detail on compatibility table);

Measurement: CO2; Temperature & Humidity; Barometric;

WN1821 has built-in Photoacoustic NDIR CO₂ Sensor for detecting CO₂ concentration, while WN1820 can work with WH45 Transmissive NDIR CO₂ detection, or WH46 Photoacoustic NDIR CO₂ to activate CO₂ function. Both of display has built-in temperature and humidity, and air pressure.


Display content: 

Time&Week; Date or CO2 PPM Level, Backup Battery status ; Wi-Fi and RF signal status; 

Indoor Temperature and Humidity, or WN34 or WN35 or WH51 ( up to 8 channels);

Multi channel Temperature/Humidity sensors with Min&Max record.

Soil moisture (WH51), leaf wetness (WN35), multi channels sensor (WN30/WH31/WN34S/WN34L/WN36) can be displayed on LCD seamlessly. 

Cloud server content: 

Data and graph record: Relative & Absolute Pressure; Indoor Temperature and Humidity; Temp & Humidity with Multi-channel;


Website page: ecowitt.net;;

APP: Ecowitt;

Weather servers support: ecowitt official cloud server;

Wunderground; Weathercloud; WeatherObservationWebsite; Customized (Homeseer; Homeassistant;);

Specifications (Display)

Measurement Range Accuracy Resolution Working condition
Barometric 300 to 1100 hPa (8.85 to 32.5 inHg)

Absolute pressure: ±1.5hpa;

Relative pressure: ±2hpa

0.1hPa (0.01 inHg) Recommend
Temperature (Indoor) 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) ± 0.2°C (± 0.4°F) 0.1°C (0.1°F) Recommend
-40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F) ± 0.6°C (± 1.0°F) 0.1°C (0.1°F) LCD display or CO2 could fail 
Humidity (Indoor) 30% to 70% ± 1.8% 1%
1% to 99% ± 3% Normal
CO2 0 to 40000 ppm ± (50 ppm + 5% of reading) 1ppm Recommend

Power supply: 5V ⎓ 1.0A 5.0W

Backup power: 2 x AA batteries (Support Min. 24 hours working)

Wi-Fi Transmission

Transmission distance in open field: 50 m (165 ft.) depending on router and environment

RF Frequency: 2.4 GHz

WLAN and Ethernet: 802.11 b/g/n (802.11n, Max 150 Mbps)

Updates on the Internet: Customize 1-5 minutes (recommend 1 minute)

Parts List

1* WN1821 Display (Console)

1* USB to 2.5*0.7mm DC 5V power cord for display

Packaged information 

Weight: 350g

Battery: N/A


Additional or optional or extra or compatible with sensors (sold separately):

One WN1821 supports one WS90 sensor; 

One WN1821 supports one WS80 sensor;

One WN1821 supports one WS69 sensor;

One WN1821 supports one WS68 sensor;

One WN1821 supports one WH40 sensor;

One WN1821 supports one WN32 sensor;

One WN1821 supports one WH45 sensor or WH46 sensor;

One WN1821 supports one WH57 sensor;

One WN1821 supports up to four WH41 sensors or WH43 sensors;

One WN1821 supports up to four WH55 sensors;

One WN1821 supports up to eight WN30 sensors or WN31 sensors or WN36 sensors;

One WN1821 supports up to eight WN34 sensors or WN34S sensors or WN34L sensors or WN34D sensors;

One WN1821 supports up to eight WH51 sensors or WH51L sensors;

One WN1821 supports up to sixteen WFC01 sensors or AC1100 sensors;

Compatibility Instructions

for all ecowitt network consoles

Please follow the table to make sure you choose the right sensors and concoles before check out.
Note: The "1/4/8/16" means 1 console supports 1/4/8/16 sensors
( excluding accessories )

Customer Reviews

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Pity for the need of AC power

All in all is a quite well thought weather station. Set-up and connection between other sensors, wlan and server was straightforward. I'd prefer an LCD screen to the TFT if it could ensure long term operation under battery power alone. TFT is very good looking, unfortunately it constrains the location choice in the house (it must be near an AC outlet).

Another small issue I found is that the station records air pressure, but there seems to be no way to have it displayed directly; you can only see it on the server or app.

Finally, graphs available on the server are quite crude (no scale setting possible, no graph overlay, no possibility to edit labels, no preferred settings etc), I'll have to set up a routine to fetch data and display them on my own somehow.