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Version & Sensor link frequency

Work with other sensors and consoles

Additional/optional about sensors and consoles

A table to learn combination of different models

Linking frequency about sensors and consoles

A listing to learn choosing frequency in different country

  • Indoor Humidity Monitor: The digital hygrometer helps you to improve your family's health and comfort. Note: No outdoor humidity function.
  • 300FT Transmission Range: The outdoor thermometer can receive and display temperature from up to 3 outdoor remote sensors (additional 2 sensors sold separately) at different locations


1 Outdoor Temperature 

2 Indoor Temperature 

3 Indoor Humidity 

4 Outdoor Temperature High / Low Record 

5 Indoor Temperature High / Low Record 

6 Indoor Humidity High / Low Record 

7 Wireless Reception Icon


1 Suspension eye for wall hanging 

2 Desk Stand 

3 °C / °F button 

4 High / Low Record button

5 Battery Compartment 

6 Battery


Temperature Range

Outdoor: -40℉ to 140℉(-40℃ to 60℃)

Indoor: 14.2℉ to 140℉(-9.9℃ to 60℃)

Accuracy tolerance value: Outdoor±1; Indoor±0.3

Humidity Range

1% to 99% RH (relative humidity)

Accuracy tolerance value: : ±3%RH

(only guaranteed between 20 to 90%)

Wireless Range

265feet (80meters) open air

Operating Frequency



Display: 1 X AA alkaline or lithium battery (not included)

Sensor: 1 X AA alkaline or lithium battery (not included)

Energy efficient and low-power design.

One fresh 2000mAh Alkaline AA battery can supply power for WH0270 Display Unit about 2 years, for Sensor about 1 year.

(use lithium batteries in cold weather climates less than -4 °F)


A factory for providing weather monitoring equipment with a comprehensive models. Focus on hardware to output accuracy data, combinding software to bring comfortable use experience.

  • Freshman

    *One sensor only*

    Weather station


    Soil Moisture

    Air quality

  • Sophomore

    *Multiple sensors*

    *Cellular network*

    SHT35 probe

    Water temp


  • Junior

    *full sensors*

    Mini console

    Split rainfall&Wind



    Water leak

    Leaf wetness

    SHT35 probe

    Water temp


  • Senior

    *full sensors*

    *Multiple console*

    TFT display



Which plan is right for me


Easy to first use. Upgradable console to more advanced plans.


A kit with multiple sensors to upgrade. There are WiFi kit and Cellular kit.


You can follow this shop menu "Sensor" to customize sensors to build your home system.


Enter plan to customize other console.