Sensor Management on the Ecowitt Ecosystem


Sensors can be learned and locked on the Ecowitt gateway automatically when your system is

started from fresh. However, if you have a new sensor replacing the old one, or if you want a

particular sensor to be registered on a dedicated gateway under the wanted channel number, you

can manage this via the “Sensor ID” control.

You can follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your phone's Wi-Fi is connected to the same network as the gateway/console.
  2. Run the “ecowitt” APP, you may tap on "<" or ">" at the top of the dashboard to switch between

gateway/consoles if you have more than one.

  1. Tap on the three dots from the upper right corner of the dashboard, then select "Sensor ID". If it

is grayed out, you may close the APP, and try it again. With the “Sensor ID” page opened you can

view the types of sensors connected as well as the ID of the sensor in Hexadecimal.


  1. If you want a soil sensor with sensor ID: C4C6 to be paired to CH8. Please do the following:

    A: tap on CH6’s edit button, and off the enable button so that this senor is disabled from this channel number.

    B: tap on CH8’s edit button, fill “C4C6” ID, and apply save to get this sensor locked mandatorily. 

    You can manage this with the above step mentioned if you have more than 8 soil sensors to be paired on two different gateways. 
  2.  When multiple sets of data of the same type from different sensors appear simultaneously. The gateway/console will automatically display data from the sensor with the higher priority, based on the preset prioritization. If you want the data from a specific sensor or sensor array with lower

  3. priority to be displayed,Please do the following:
    A: make sure the specific sensor or sensor array is in the "Enable" position.
    B: slide the buttons of other sensors or sensor arrays to the "Disable" position to turn off their status bars.




Data display priorities:

  1. Outdoor temperature and humidity data: WN32 > WS90 > WS80 > WS69
  2. Wind data: WS90 > WS80 > WS68 > WS69
  3. Rainfall data:

Traditional rainfall: WH40 > WS69

Piezoelectric rainfall: WS90

If you have a WS90 and WH40 (WS69) at the same time, both rain data are hosted for display on the dashboard on the ecowitt server. If you publish to WU, wow, or weather cloud services, you need to appoint which rain data to use: Ecowitt APP’s “rainfall data priority” setting or for HP2550/2560, the “setup” page on the console.

Sensor ID can be found on the sensor body as illustrated in the following pictures:

If the sensor ID is not labeled on some sensor types, you can find this ID via the self-learning

function provided: Tap on the “register” button next right to the sensor type matched, and power

up the sensor, when this sensor is found by the gateway, sensor ID value will be displayed. Repeat

this process if needed.

WN36 (pool sensor), and WN30 sensor shared the same sensor type as WN31.

WS65, WN67, and WS69 share the same sensor type.

WN41 and WN43 share the same sensor type.

This function is available only for Ecowitt’s gateway products: GW1100,1200, GW2000, and

console models of WN1900, 1920,1980, 1820,1821,3800,3900.

The HP2550, 3500, and 2560 can be managed only on the console side.

The model WS2910, 2320,2350 doesn’t support this feature.

WS69/WH40 Rain Gauge Accuracy Issue Check Listing

Ecowitt WiKi - Gyvate

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