WFC01 WittFlow Smart Water Timer with Built-in Water Temp Sensor&Flow Meter, needs to pair with an IOT Gateway

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Kit: Water timer + Gateway + Soil moisture sensor
Packaged version & Sensor or gateway link frequency: North America MHz 915
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Product Overview

1. Welcome to use WFC01, a product that enables intelligent irrigation. WFC01 communicates with GW2000 hub on SUB_G ISM radio band. The GW2000 hub can work with or without internet (smart mode is only available when the GW2000 hub is connected to our cloud server).

2. The Smart Water Timer is equipped with a flow meter as well as a built-in temperature sensor(not provided in Beta test period), which not only functions as a water timer but also allows real-time monitoring of water flow and temperature. This provides you with a better understanding of water usage in your home or business. WFC01 supports cloud-based control, and all water usage log is stored in the cloud. Users can check their water usage anytime, manage and optimize it for more convenient control and achieve more scientific and rational water usage.

3. This product can be set up in the Ecowitt APP and can be linked with Ecowitt Soil Moisture Sensors to enable automatic irrigation. It is also possible skipping off the current watering plan when predefined skip conditions are met, for example: rain is detected by Ecowitt Rain Sensors, water temperature is too low/high. The SMART mode or plan skip feature is only accessible when hub is talking to our cloud server normally. Scheduled plans are saved on hub locally and it is not affected in case of network issues, the pre-set plans can still operate normally.

4. The Smart Water Timer utilizes Sub G radio frequency transmission technology, ensuring stable and reliable communication between the timer and the gateway within a range of 100 meters in an open area. Remote control is possible through the Ecowitt APP, allowing you to control your water timer anytime and anywhere. The radio status can be further monitored by the app with both device’s RSSI level.

5. With a design featuring all-copper pipelines and connectors, the Smart Water Timer can withstand water pressure of up to 0.9 MPa. It is IP66 waterproof and dustproof, durable, corrosion-resistant, with a long

6. Work with WH55, WN34, WN30 and so on

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