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Wind cup - ecowitt (7422864228514)
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Wind vane - ecowitt (7596470632610)
ecowittWind vane

Push the wind vane onto the shaft on the bottom side of the sensor package until it goes no further, as shown on the left side in Figure 3. Next, tighten the set screw with a Philips screwdriver (size PH2), as shown on the right side, until the wind vane cannot be removed from the axle. Make sure the wind vane can rotate freely. The wind vane’s movement has a small amount of friction, which is helpful in providing steady wind direction measurements.

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Customer Reviews

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Replacement Wind Cup for Sainlogic WS3500

After 3 years operation I required a replacement wind cup for my Sainlogic WS3500 (Ecowitt WH2900) but couldn't get any sense from Sainlogic!

After some research online I was able to identify the Ecowitt wind cup WS69_WC-M as the same item. The Ecowitt site is well laid out, easy to navigate and the purchase was straightforward with delivery trackable online and delivery to my door by a reliable European courier partner.

Ten minutes to install the replacement wind cup and now my weather station is back to 100% reporting.

Thanks Ecowitt!


G_Fredrik Bergsten

Wind cup

Perfect replacement

Bought Ecowitt wind cups to replace damaged Ambient Weather WS-0900-IP wind cups. They fit perfectly and we’re very easy to install.