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  • Ecowitt

    ecowitt app is designed for ecowitt weather service user only, it is easier for device integration to the ecowitt ecosystem as it is more user friendly and easier to complete the device adding process. The ecowitt weather service supports all the various sensors developed.  The more commonly needed services like alert, weather data push notification notice will be possible with this APP.

  • WS view plus

    WS View Plus app,  the design is more for compromising customer’s needs in publishing data to services more than ecowitt weather service, like WU. So, the process is not as smart as ecowitt in integrating the whole system on ecowitt.net. However, end user has more control of their raw data: if the APP is connecting to the same Wi-Fi local network, you can view the live data for most of the devices. If you want to have more control on your weather station hardware, you can explore the live data feature with the WS View Plus APP.  


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