HP2550_C 7" TFT Colour Display Console

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Packaged version & Sensor or gateway link frequency: North America MHz 915
HP2550_C freeshipping - ecowitt (7263976685730)
Regular price $149.99
Regular price Sale price $149.99
  • Features:

    7" large TFT (high resolution) colored display console

    Can be the display console for WH32(Outdoor temp and humidity sensor) + WS68(wireless anemometer) /WS80(ultrasonic anemometer)+ WH40(self-emptying rain gauge sensor)

    Supports uploads to Weather Underground/Weather Cloud/WOW via Wi-Fi connection; View weather conditions in your backyard with free iOS and Android apps from weatherunderground

    User friendly & well-desingned interface with 2 background (dark/light) selectable; Displays wind speed and direction, dewpoint, rainfall, indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, moon phase, solar radiation and UV(when related sensors added); with weather forecast function

    Max/Min & History Records: View max/min and historical records of sensors directly on the console; with sunrise and sunset time display

    ❥❥Supports upload to our free weather server: ecowitt.net and user customized website(needs to having the same protocol with wunderground or ecowitt.net)

    ❥❥Works with:

    • One WH57 lightning sensor
    • One WH45 PM2.5/PM10/CO2/temperature and humidity all-in-1 sensor
    • Up to 8 WH31 multi-channel temperature and humidity sensors
    • Up to 8 WH51 soil moisture sensors
    • Up to 4 WH41/WH43 PM2.5 air quality sensors
    • Up to 4 WH55 Water leak sensors
    • Up to 8 WN34 Temp Sensors
    • Future sensors to be developed

    ❥❥Sensor ID management function and calibration functions for all the sensors

    Requirements for microSD Card:

    1.Max 32G, Format:Fat32

    2.It's not recommend to use microSD card with high speed.

  • Parts List

   1* HP2550_C Display/Console

   1* USB to 3.5mm DC 5V power cord


Additional or optional or extra or compatible with sensors (sold separately):

One HP2550 supports one WS90 sensor; 

One HP2550 supports one WS80 sensor;

One HP2550 supports one WS69 sensor;

One HP2550 supports one WS68 sensor;

One HP2550 supports one WH40 sensor;

One HP2550 supports one WN32 sensor;

One HP2550 supports one WN32P sensor;

One HP2550 supports one WH45 sensor or WH46 sensor;

One HP2550 supports one WH57 sensor;

One HP2550 supports up to four WH41 sensors or WH43 sensors;

One HP2550 supports up to four WH55 sensors;

One HP2550 supports up to eight WN30 sensors or WN31 sensors or WN36 sensors;

One HP2550 supports up to eight WN34 sensors or WN34S sensors or WN34L sensors or WN34D sensors;

One HP2550 supports up to eight WH51 sensors or WH51L sensors;

Compatibility Instructions

for all ecowitt network consoles

Please follow the table to make sure you choose the right sensors and concoles before check out.
Note: The "1/4/8/16" means 1 console supports 1/4/8/16 sensors
( excluding accessories )