WFC01 WittFlow Smart Water Timer with Built-in Water Temp Sensor&Flow Meter, needs to pair with an IOT Gateway

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Kit: Water timer + Gateway + Soil moisture sensor
Packaged version & Sensor or gateway link frequency: North America MHz 915
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Product Overview

1. Welcome to use WFC01, a product that enables intelligent irrigation. WFC01 communicates with GW2000 hub on SUB_G ISM radio band. The GW2000 hub can work with or without internet (smart mode is only available when the GW2000 hub is connected to our cloud server).

2. The Smart Water Timer is equipped with a flow meter as well as a built-in temperature sensor(not provided in Beta test period), which not only functions as a water timer but also allows real-time monitoring of water flow and temperature. This provides you with a better understanding of water usage in your home or business. WFC01 supports cloud-based control, and all water usage log is stored in the cloud. Users can check their water usage anytime, manage and optimize it for more convenient control and achieve more scientific and rational water usage.

3. This product can be set up in the Ecowitt APP and can be linked with Ecowitt Soil Moisture Sensors to enable automatic irrigation. It is also possible skipping off the current watering plan when predefined skip conditions are met, for example: rain is detected by Ecowitt Rain Sensors, water temperature is too low/high. The SMART mode or plan skip feature is only accessible when hub is talking to our cloud server normally. Scheduled plans are saved on hub locally and it is not affected in case of network issues, the pre-set plans can still operate normally.

4. The Smart Water Timer utilizes Sub G radio frequency transmission technology, ensuring stable and reliable communication between the timer and the gateway within a range of 100 meters in an open area. Remote control is possible through the Ecowitt APP, allowing you to control your water timer anytime and anywhere. The radio status can be further monitored by the app with both device’s RSSI level.

5. With a design featuring all-copper pipelines and connectors, the Smart Water Timer can withstand water pressure of up to 0.9 MPa. It is IP66 waterproof and dustproof, durable, corrosion-resistant, with a long

6. Work with WH55, WN34, WN30 and so on

Compatibility Instructions

for all ecowitt network consoles

Please follow the table to make sure you choose the right sensors and concoles before check out.
Note: The "1/4/8/16" means 1 console supports 1/4/8/16 sensors
( excluding accessories )

Customer Reviews

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Pretty good for a 1st version

Using it for my vertical stacked garden. Quality is good, well built. It is a bit small (1/2") and in most case need one more adapter (to 3/4"). It is works fine, connected well, it could do simple tasks, but not 'smart' enough.
I could think of averaging of more soil sensors, add min time between watering, delay or stop if own weatherstation detects rain...etc.
But biggest issue only works through Ecowitt app (through cloud). I really hope support for Home Assitant will be avaiable soon.

Jaroslav Sevcik
Ecowitt smart water valve - high potential with integrations to smart home systems

Ecowitt smart water valve

Initial integration to Ecowitt application – followed the guidance and experienced no problems, all went smooth without any extra steps needed.
Installation to water pipe - so far this is the most painful part. In our country (Czechia) we use “click” system for garden hoses connections. ( see Gardena web page - ). They are expecting - taps with 26.5 mm (G 3/4") and 33.3 mm (G 1") threads . Unfortunately ecowitt valve is fitted with G 1/2” thread – that means I had to purchase extra adapter from G 1/2” to G ¾”. I understand that the weight of 3/4” is bigger but still I would strongly vote for that option even with small surcharge.
Operations – application behaved as expected. Really appreciate option for “permanent open”. Signal strength was good and have not experienced any flaws. Speed of the valve reaction to application commands is pretty prompt. I like the option to measure flow rate (and abs. litres). Timer function and abs. volume options are great. Love it. I like also the consumptions statistics. “No water” inflow error warning could be nice option for phone alert.
I have measured the water flow with and without the Ecowitt valve installed. The smart valve is causing 8% more time needed to fill in my water bucket. Maybe not a huge problem for watering smaller part of garden, but certainly problem to install such valve as central on/off point. I think it is problem of all solenoid valves.
I had chance to compare with Tuya Zigbee smart valve. Big advantage of Ecowitt valve is almost zero power consumption even when on. Tuya valve does not go sleep when on. Signal reception far better for Ecowitt. The only advantage for Tuya is integration to its far wider ecosystem, but I am sure Ecowitt will work on that. I need integration to Homey.

Overall great product. I hope the price will be reasonable.

Ecowitt Smart Water Timer

I will readily admit that I am an Ecowitt product fan. I currently have three hubs, nine temperature and humidity sensors, a water temperature sensor in a water storage tank, a rain gauge, and anemometer. These are spread out between buildings, freezers, and refrigerators on two properties. The remote property has a 4G modem that allows me to have access to monitor the Ecowitt devices, along with remote lighting system, security cameras, and an LG mini split system.

The Ecowitt devices allow me to track the inside and outside temperatures and weather conditions. I was excited to get my hands on this new Ecowitt Smart w
Water Timer for use on our remote property. I am using this in conjunction with soil moisture sensors to control watering so it is done when needed, not because a timer says it is suppose to water that day.

The property is far enough away that it has had at times a significant difference with rainfall and wind than at our main property. Living in the Sonoran desert and harvesting rain, water it is a precious commodity that I do not want to waste.

The smart water timer is a well designed and solidly constructed device that allows you to monitor and control water flow for gardening and other purposes that are only limited by your imagination. Amount of water can be controlled by elapsed time or by volume.

With a small form factor that measures just under 5 inches in length, 3.25 inches in height, and 1.75 inches in depth it can be mounted just about anywhere that isn't "under water". For its power source, it uses two AA batteries. I have successfully tested it 25 to 50 meters away from the GW2000 Hub (which is required, it will not work with earlier hubs such as the GW1100)

It provides you with the ability to remotely control of watering cycles for your garden, shrubs, trees, and whatever else you may want to have control over water distribution.

Control is integrated into your existing Ecowitt app for a familiar interface. If needed, you can add additional water control devices for multiple zones that can all be controlled within the app.

The device is suppose to have integration with the soil moisture meters in the future which will increase the units capabilities to handle changes in watering needs because of rain or the soil drying out from those hot desert winds we get.

Ecowitt has produced a terrific product and I am extremely pleased with this device and look forward to getting a second one. I am already identifying additional uses for it such as controlling water into a watering basin for our desert wildlife.

Desert Dan

Trent Salvatierra
Beta Test- Smart Water Valve WittFlow

The eagerly awaited Wittflow arrived rapidly from Ecowitt, this is part of the beta test program.

The valve is well constructed with a solid feel and clean professional look.
It has 3/4inch connections and a inlet strainer to ensure no large foreign objects can obstruct the valve.

I had to use adaptors to suit my local plumbing requirements but these were available at my local hardware store for not too cost.

The valve is still in the testing phase but I think this will appeal to many people. Gardeners, smart home users and many more.

Thanks to Ecowitt for allowing me to test and provide feedback.

Axel Schneider
Top products and fast shipment

All Looks good, everything is working and arrived savely within 7 days! TOP thanks! 3/4“ would be better