WS85 3-in-1 Solar Weather Sensor, Measures Rainfall Wind Speed & Direction

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Packaged version & Sensor or gateway link frquency: North America MHz 915
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WS85 Instructional Video


• Built-in Haptic rainfall sensor and ultrasonic anemometer, measures rainfall, wind speed & direction.

• Built-in solar panel, supports solar powered & battery powered.

• Supports vertical and horizontal mounting.

• Sensor only, needs to pair with a gateway or console(Sold Separately) to use: GW1100/GW1200/GW2000/HP2550/HP2560/WS3800/WS3900/ WS3910/WN1820/WN1821/WN1920/WN1980.


Model WS85
Dimensions 93*93*126mm
Dimensions With Bracket 160*93*161mm
Material of Plastic Casing ASA+PC、PC
Rainfall Metering Range 0mm to 9999mm
Rainfall Metering Accuracy <5mm/h(±20%)  5mm/h~50mm/h(±10%)  >50mm/h(±20%)
Rainfall Metering Resolution 0.1mm
Wind Speed Metering Range 0m/s to 40m/s
Wind Speed Metering Accuracy <10m/s, ±1m/s; ≥10m/s, ±10%
Wind Speed Metering Resolution 0.1m/s (starting speed > 0.5m/s)
Wind direction Metering Range 0° to 359°
Wind direction Metering Accuracy ±15°
Wind direction Metering Resolution
Data reporting Interval 8.5s
RF Connection Frequency 920/915/868/433MHz (depending on local regulations)   
RF Wireless Range (in open areas) Over 150 meters (500 ft.)
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 60°C(-40℉ to 140℉)
Protection Rating IPX5
Built-in Solar Panel 7.5V±5% / 30mA±10%
Power Supply 2*AA batteries(not included)
Battery Life 1 Year


Package Content
1 x WS85
1 x Base Bracket
1 x Simple Wrench
1 x L-shaped Wrench
4 x Screw Sleeves
4 x φ4.8*32 Screws
1 x M3*24 Screw
1 x M3*12 Screw
2 x U-bolts
1 x User Manual

Bird spike not included

Please follow the table to make sure you choose the right sensors and concoles before check out.
Note: The "1/4/8/16" means 1 console supports 1/4/8/16 sensors
( excluding accessories )

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Roger Briggs

Quick comment as a follow-up to my earlier comment a couple of days ago.
My equipment order was delivered 5 mins ago @ 10.30am (AEST), 11 June 2024. Just about to un-box it!