Why my sunrise and sunset time on the dashboard is wrong?

The dashboard from the "ecowitt" APP displays sunrise and sunset time. If it is not showing the correct sunrise and sun time, please check the following:

1. Check your time zone settting under your device on www.ecowitt.net. Make sure DST is enabled if your area practices DST.
2. Check your location setting on the weathermap from the website of www.ecowitt.net. You can open the device editing page this way: click on "menu" - "device" - "listed device" edit button to open the "edit gateway" page. Go to "Location" and click on the map icon to open the weahter map, drag and drop your station to the correction position.

If your console is HP2550,2560, the console also displayes sunrise and sunset time. However, console's location setting determines the sunrise and sunset time. You need to set on the console of this two models separately.

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