Hub & Setup

Tech specs


Smart hub






Download APP

Install Ecowitt APP

Open the package box, Scan the QR Code to download Ecowitt App.

Step 1: Banding hub and your account

Register/login into your acount and Scan the QR code on the bottom of the hub

Step 2: Power up the Wittboy sensor

Loading 2 x AA 1.5V batteries (Lithium Recommended)

Step 3: Set up the Hub

Keep the Server & Sensor Link LEDs ON

Check before use

Open the APP to read and set your hub. Stand still for 3-7 days to check performer of data before installing on the pole.
*The "N" on above the batteries screw means north.

Feedback from kickstarter

Feedback about install

“Package delivered yesterday 19th April 2022. Set it up on a poll on the roof today. Very easy to setup and the GW2000 hub also picked up my existing WH24 sensor array showing rain data along with the new haptic type on the WS90. Will site these two closer together soon. Barometric pressure both relative and absolute needed a fair bit offset correction to bring in line.”

Andrew Jones

“Package delivered today Wed 20 April. Was very quick to set up. Currently on a temporary short pole until I can get a new pole mounted on a pergola nearby (will also pick up some lithium AA cells for power). Any chance we could get a link to anything covering using the sensor/ hub with home assistant? I'll check the website in the mean time.”


“Received mine afternoon of April 15th. Took me more time to find batteries than it did to get it connected to my network. (I found a couple Lithium AA cells to put in, they may be bad because it's reporting only 2 volts.) It found several of my existing Ecowitt sensors on its own. It's been online about 19 hours now, live data updating on but no charting yet.”