• IP68 Waterproof; 
  • Temperature;


Temperature0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F) ±1° 0.1°

Transmission between gateway and sensor

  • Transmission distance in open field: 100 m (330 ft.) depend on environment
  • RF frequency: 433/868/915/920 MHz depending on location
  • Updates on the gateway: About 60 seconds

Two Working Mode

  • Idle mode press button 3s to wake up the device. Once power up, it will display the “36” model number and RF frequency, like 915, for 2s, and resume normal mode operation.
  • Normal mode quick press once to toggle Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature unit. Press and hold for 3s, the channel number will start to flash. Release and press once in a cycle between channels 1 and 8. Leaving key untouched for 10s will terminate the channel setting. Press and hold for 8s will force the device to enter idle mode: LCD will be off and enter a minimum power consumption state. If you keep the WN36 in idle mode for 6 months per year, you can extend the battery life to a minimum of 5 years.