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Manual & tutorial
  • Personal Weather Station: provides accurate weather information with newly designed interface; allows you to monitor your home and backyard wirelessly and have fun [No PC Software]
  • Wi-Fi Capable: enables your station to publish its data wirelessly to Weather Underground/Weather Cloud/WOW and view the current weather condition directly via our weather app WS View; supports uploading to to get email alerts for all the sensor data
  • Large TFT Color Screen: User friendly & well-desingned interface with 2 background (dark/light) selectable; Displays wind speed and direction, dewpoint, rainfall, indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, moon phase, solar radiation and UV; with weather forecast function
  • All-in-One Outdoor Sensor: wind vane, wind speed cups, UV / solar radiation sensor, thermo-hygrometer sensor, rain gauge, bubble level and solar collector 7-in-1 integrated sensor; 100M Long range wireless connectivity
  • Max/Min & History Records: View max/min and historical records of sensors directly on the console; with sunrise and sunset time display; supports to add max 8 WH31 multi-channel temp and humidity sensor, one WH51 soil moisture sensor and one WH41 PM2.5 air quality sensor


1. With a 7" large TFT (high resolution) colored display console

2. Wirelessly Wifi connection and supports to upload to WU, Weathercloud and WOW

3. Measures wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, outdoor temperature and humidity, solar radiation and UV. With a temperature, humidity and barometric pressure 3-in-1 sensor indoor unit.

4. Calculates dew point, wind chill, heat index, moon phase and sunset/sunrise time

5. With wireless solar powered 7-in-1 intergrated outdoor sensor

6. Weather forecast & alarm

7. 2 background (dark/light) selectable

8. View historical records of sensors directly on the console

9. User friendly & well-desingned interface

Works with:

One WH57 lightning sensor

One WH45 PM2.5/PM10/CO2/temperature and humidity all-in-1 sensor

Up to 8 WH31 multi-channel temperature and humidity sensors

Up to 8 WH51 soil moisture sensors

Up to 4 WH41/WH43 PM2.5 air quality sensors

Up to 4 WH55 Water leak sensors

Up to 8 WN34 Temp Sensors

Future sensors to be developed


1.The weather data on our APP is based on WU server and you need to enter your WU station ID before view ing the weather data.

2.The stainless steel pole on the photo is not included.


Outdoor sensor Transmission distance in open field: 100 m (330 ft.);

Temperature range:-40°F - 140°F;Accuracy: 2°F

Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%; Accuracy: 5%

Rain volume display range: 0–199.99 in; Accuracy: 10%

UV-Index range: 0 – 15; Light range: 0 – 120 kLux

Sensor reporting interval: 16 seconds

Power Console: 5V DC Adapter (included)

Indoor Sensor : 2 x AA Batteries (not included)

Outdoor sensor: Solar panel (built-in)


Outdoor sensor (backup): 2 x AA Batteries (not included)

Parts List

1* HP2550_C Wi-Fi Display/Console

1* WH32 indoor

1* WS69 sensor

1* Wind speed cups (to be attached to outdoor sensor body)

1* Wind vane (to be attached to outdoor sensor body)

2* U-Bolts for mounting on a pole

4* Threaded nuts for U-Bolts (M5 size)

1* Metal mounting plate to be used with U-Bolts

1* Wrench for M5 bolts

1* USB to 3.5mm DC 5V power cord

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