WS69 Wireless 7-in-1 Outdoor Sensor Array

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Packaged version & Sensor or gateway link frequency: Europe MHz 868
WS69 freeshipping - ecowitt (7263976259746)
Regular price $63.99
Regular price Sale price $63.99


Rain gauge; Wind speed and wind direction;
Temperature; Humidity; Solar light intensity and UV index;


Pole not included, pole diameter size recommendation: 1.2“-2” (can't exceed 2").


Measurement Range Accuracy Resolution
Wind speed 0m/s to 50m/s

±1 m/s (speed < 10 m/s);

± 10% (speed ≥ 10 m/s)

Wind direction 0° to 359° ± 15°
Temperature -40°C to 60°C ±0.3°C (± 0.6°F) 0.1°C (± 0.1°F)
Humidity 1% to 99% ±3.5% 0.01
Light 0Klux to 200Klux ±25% 0.1Klux
UVI 1~15 ±2 1
Rain 0~9999 ± 10%

0.3 mm (for volume < 1,000 mm);

1 mm (for volume ≥ 1,000 mm

Sensor (backup): 2 x AA 1.5V battery (not included)

Sensor solar panel (built-in): 6.5V/4mA

Transmission between gateway and sensor

Transmission distance in open field: 100 m (330 ft.)

RF frequency: 433/868/915 MHz depending on location

Updates on the gateway: 16s

Parts List

1* WS69 sensor

1* Wind speed cups (to be attached to outdoor sensor body)

1* Wind vane (to be attached to outdoor sensor body)

2* U-Bolts for mounting on a pole

4* Threaded nuts for U-Bolts (M5 size)

1* Metal mounting plate to be used with U-Bolts

1* Wrench for M5 bolts

Packaged information 

Length * Width * Height: 440*165*265mm

Weight: 1800g

Battery: None


Additional or optional or extra or compatible with Console (sold separately):

WS69 supports console WS2320, WS2910, GW1100, GW2000, HP2550, HP2560, HP3500, WN1900, WN1910, WN1920, WN1980, WN1820, WN1821, WS3800, WS3900, WS3910, GW1200;

Compatibility Instructions

for all ecowitt network consoles

Please follow the table to make sure you choose the right sensors and concoles before check out.
Note: The "1/4/8/16" means 1 console supports 1/4/8/16 sensors
( excluding accessories )

Customer Reviews

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Massimiliano Matta
Excellent and functional product.

Very compact, lightweight and functional device. Easy and safe assembly system.
Excellent replacement system for parts sensitive to wear and tear.
Serious and reliable manufacturer, fast and safe shipping.

Raffaele De Pascale
Good job!!!

Received in the days indicated on the shop online! Very good!!!