Ecowitt gateway, hub or console offline


Your gateway is not updating on our cloud server. Thus, you see, it is offline. Please help to check the following:

If you have the gateway used for the first time, you can go to step 5 instead. If it has been connected and working before, please follow the instructions below:

1. Let's start by checking the Wi-Fi LED status on your gateway. If it's slow-flashing, it means your gateway doesn't have internet access. A simple restart of your router usually resolves this issue. If not, you can also power up your gateway again. These steps have proven to be effective in most cases.

2. If the above has been tried but is not working, can you check your local WLAN and see if there is a device named “ GW****WiFi****” or “easyweatherWiFi****” on the available device broadcasting? If yes, can you connect your phone’s WLAN to this device, keep the connection, and enter its IP address on your phone browser to open the embedded web UI from the device? Upon opening the device, you leave the password input blank, as the default password is not required. Upon opening the web UI, can you go to the network setup page and check if your router credentials are set up correctly? If not, please input the router credentials. Suppose it is connected to your router again after the input is applied. In that case, the new IP address information will be updated accordingly, confirming that the device has already been connected to your router. You may copy the Mac address of the gateway now.

3. Go to the device settings page and check that the displayed time and date are correct. The time needs to be accurate to your local time within 2 minutes. If the time error exceeds the 2-minute tolerance range, the server will not accept the data sent by this gateway.

4. You now go to the “ecowitt” app or website: You can tap on ‘menu” – “device” – “the edit icon” click to open the “edit gateway page”; this is the device setting under your account. Please compare the Mac address you marked from Step 2 to the one listed here. They need to be the same.

5. If the above steps still don’t help with the dashboard showing data on the app, please make a Wi-Fi provisioning process again, as mentioned in the QuickStart file. Please report the problem encountered with a screenshot taken of the possible error and send it to us for further checkup advice.

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