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Work with other sensors and consoles

Additional/optional about sensors and consoles

A table to learn combination of different models

Linking frequency about sensors and consoles

A listing to learn choosing frequency in different country

Ecowitt Professional Weather Station provides accurate, reliable weather monitoring and supports uploads to WeatherCloud/WOW via Wifi connection. 
Designed to provide the weather data you need for home use, gardening, educational purposes, boating and more.

Calendar, Moon phase
Indoor/Outdoor temperature and humidity
Wind speed, gust speed, and wind direction (compass)
Absolute and Relative barometric pressure
Rainfall rate and totals for day, week, month, year and life-time total
Wind chill, dew point and heat index display
Solar light intensity and UV index
Selectable display units for each sensor: C or F (temperature); mph, km/h, m/s, knots or Beaufort (wind speed); inHg, hPa or mmHg (pressure); in or mm (rainfall); lux, fc or w/m2 (solar lighting)
Weather forecast based on barometer reading
Barometric history chart (12, or 24 hr.)
Maximum and minimum values for sensor with time stamp
High/low alarm options for sensors
Message panel showing alarm conditions, min and max data, etc.
Data preserved during battery change
PC software (requires Wi-Fi connection; downloaded)
Backlight high/low adjustable when connected to power adapter

Note: The stainless steel pole is not included in the package

Console: 5V DC Adapter (included) or 3 x AA Batteries (not included)


Ecowitt is committed to help people know more about the accurate

weather condition around them by providing quality environmental monitoring instruments.

  • Freshman

    *One sensor only*

    Weather station


    Soil Moisture

    Air quality

  • Sophomore

    *Multiple sensors*

    *Cellular network*

    SHT35 probe

    Water temp


  • Junior

    *full sensors*

    Mini console

    Split rainfall&Wind



    Water leak

    Leaf wetness

    SHT35 probe

    Water temp


  • Senior

    *full sensors*

    *Multiple console*

    TFT display



Which plan is right for me


Easy to first use. Upgradable console to more advanced plans.


A kit with multiple sensors to upgrade. There are WiFi kit and Cellular kit.


You can follow this shop menu "Sensor" to customize sensors to build your home system.


Enter plan to customize other console.