What is the purpose of showing "AD" on my Ecowitt app dashboard?

The AD value displayed on your tile underneath our soil moisture sensor is the raw data measured by the sensor, and this can be utilized by users running the system in "custom" mode.

Our standard reading, based on factory calibration, is the default soil level displayed: absolute dry air (0%)and most damp (100%) submerged in water.

By configuring the device to operate in custom mode on the gateway side, you have the power to adjust the sensitivity of the readings to your specific needs.

1. record your absolute dry(0%) and most damp soil (100%) AD values.
2. on your "ecowitt" app, tap on "..." from the dashboard on the app, go to the "calibration" page, and choose the "multi CH soil" sub-page.
3. With the custom mode enabled, simply fill in the two 0% and 100% AD values you obtained and apply save. It's that straightforward.
4. your soil moisture reading is now adapted to your new calibration.

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