“Ecowitt” APP Dashboard Not Start up correctly.


When the "ecowitt" APP's dashboard is not loaded normally, it is often related to the fact that the APP cache (a storage where often reused data is stored to speed-up the app performance) still contains old data and needs a refresh. Usually this is done automatically but the smartphone operating system, but it sometimes happens too late. Then clearing the cache manually can usually solve this problem.

Procedure for the APP’s cache clearance in the smartphone (Android example):

go to "Settings" --> "Applications" or "Apps", select "Ecowitt app", then "Storage" - then an option is shown "clear Cache" or "empty cache"

you can also empty the cache from inside the Ecowitt app:
Tap “menu”, then tap on your account icon image to open the user profile page. On this page, you move down to the account management and tap it to open.

Then you move to the “clear cache” button and tap to activate the cache clearance. The app will restart with another log in for the completion of this process.

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