WS6006/WS6200 cellular gateway offline checkup

1.Check the battery voltage before it happens offline. This is to tell if the dropout is due to a battery problem. If this is the problem, it should be possible to restore uploading when the battery is charged up. You need to check the battery voltage difference to see if the solar panel has sufficient charging current to keep the battery charged up. If you find the battery is drained quickly, it usually means that the battery needs to be replaced.

2.Check if it was raining or what the humidity level is when the dropout happened. This can help determine if moisture penetration is possible. Could you make sure the gateway of your WS6006 is correctly sealed inside an enclosure for bad weather?

3.The above two steps can be viewed remotely. If the above is not the likely reason, then you need to go to the site with the device installed. Please connect the device to a laptop, run the “weather logger” software, and check if it is communicating with the PC. If this is normal, then it is usually due to a cellular network issue. You can try pressing the reset button to see if the connection can be established.

4.If step 3 does not work, reset the gateway of ws6006, delete the original log.txt file on your PC, keep it running for 10 minutes, and send us the log.txt file for further investigation.

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